The 5S method of organizing is extremely effective.

Step 1: Sort. Remove anything that is not frequently needed in an area. Remove as much as you can to make finding and accessing the things you need easier.

Step 2: Shine. Clean the area and set a system to maintain the cleanliness. Clean areas are not just nicer to work in but reveal problems quickly.

Step 3: Set In Order. Give everything a home and make sure it is obvious where it belongs. A good example is labeling the floor where a trash bin should be and an outline of a broom on the wall so it is obvious is they are missing and where they belong.

Step 4: Standardize. Simplify processes from different area on the farm by using the same signs, labels, system, formats, etc. This way once you have learned an area much of that information transfers to other jobs.

Step 5: Sustain. Make sure that progress is not lost by fully implementing the first 4 steps and putting audits in place to follow up and ensure things keep moving forward.