Lean Thinking is the process of continuous improvement.  First we identify the added value we create in each process.  Second we improve the process through the elimination of the 8 wastes or non-value added steps. This will result in a system that flows and leads to further improvements.

Lean is simple. Fix what bugs you.
— Paul Akers
As farmers there is little we can do to impact prices of inputs or our products but there is quite a bit we can do on the farm to lower our cost of production. Take the first step on a Lean journey with me by watching this video. # managingthemiddle
Implementing Lean can only come from the top. Start by educating, committing, then empowering. #managingthemiddle
5S stands for Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. This method will keep things efficient and organized. 5S in some cases results in more than 50% improvement in labor efficiency.
In this application we took scraping time from 8 hours with a skid steer to 2 hours with the small wheel loader. Annual savings is $75,000.
Better way to move sand from a reclaiming process.
Reviewing some of the costs of idle time on a farm.
This is a video on how to create a video started by scanning a QR code.
Touches on the waste of movement and cost of operating a wheel loader feeding cows.
I try taking a new look at how we harvest corn silage for feed to get a conversation going among farmers. Please comment on this video so we all learn together.
With the rising cost of labor many farms are finding it difficult to succeed. Lean can help get more out of your team. #managingthemiddle
All the communication got you down? Lean can give you a lift up be reducing competitive assignments and training.