Is It Too Late to Change?

This showed up on my Facebook page the other day.  It is a reminder of the choices that get made and never revisited.  Farmers tell me "we have always done it that way" or "we spent a lot of money on those so we have to use them", what they might as well be saying is we are married to our mistakes and unwilling to change.  

People don't want to admit they made a mistake (that goes for me too, ask my wife).  So what we need to do is use a more analytical style of decision making.  Processes change, our operations change, markets change, so why shouldn't we change?  Likewise the information we have changes; when new information is presented to make us look at a decision in another way we shouldn't view it as a mistake in the past but rather an opportunity for the future.  

Let's not let the actions of the past hold us back today and tomorrow.  You may be missing an opportunity to really excel with something new.