Are You Keeping Up?

Kodak had a monopoly on film and invented the digital camera.  They are out of business.  Blockbuster video changed the way people received their entertainment.  They are out of business.  Ever heard of Compaq computers, Polaroid, Radio Shack, Pan Am, MCI, Standard Oil, or Woolworths?  They are out of business.  How can these behemoths of industry and retail disappear despite their strength and position?

Simple answer is that they were not able to or refused to change as the world changed around them.  One of my favorite quotes is from Eric Shinseki, General US Army, retired who said, “If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.” Agriculture is changing today (It has always been changing) but unlike change in the past it seems to be happening quicker so it is perhaps more obvious.

I watched a video of a young man this morning talk about how difficult the farming environment is and how farming families are struggling.  I myself went through the struggle of closing a family farm in the early 90s and I can empathize with his feelings.  I have come to understand the truth in the last 20 years that change is inevitable and time wasted on holding onto the past is in fact wasted.  Your focus needs to be on how you are going to change with the environment.

I know many of you reading this have heard me talk about the need to change before.  I will likely continue to talk about change because I want you to succeed.  I continue to see farmers focused on how the outside environment might change so they don’t have to. If only inputs went down and prices went up, is the opinion of so many people.  That would be easier but who said it should be easy. 

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